It is my great pleasure to introduce to you Janet Anthony-Buck.

Jan is collaborating with Freedom Days to assist in the delivery of our Yoga Walks:  combining relaxing walks in the glorious outdoors with some therapeutic yoga and meditation techniques.

Jan’s Bio:
My mother introduced me to yoga, at a very young age, during the 1970’s. My father’s interest in meditation was also passed on to me. I feel extremely fortunate to have had these influences, and it seems natural that I should now be teaching yoga. It is my life.


I qualified as a yoga teacher with The British Wheel of Yoga in 2005.


Yoga is a life practice, and each day I learn something more about the world and myself through my own personal practice and through teaching yoga. Yoga is a huge subject and I have enormous pleasure in learning and broadening my knowledge through various training events, courses and retreats.  I have furthered my yoga teaching qualifications in various areas, particularly in the field of therapeutics:

  • Yoga for Mental Health(working in clinical setting with the NHS and schools)
  • Yoga for Healthy Lower backs (a course that was developed by the support of Arthritis UK)
  • Yoga for women’s health
  • Yoga philosophy (advanced)


Since 2012 I have taught weekly yoga classes and mindfulness/meditation sessions at a local nickel factory, for the employees and each year I offer sessions on wellbeing, stress management, mental health awareness during their employee training weeks, as well as within other local corporate businesses.


I run regular Yoga for Wellbeing classes in the Neath and Swansea valleys. I hold monthly yoga, meditation and philosophy workshops, and also teach individual yoga therapy sessions at my treatment room.  I also offer specialist yoga classes for pregnancy, postnatal, back care, and stress management.


I have a personal interest in mental and emotional health and well-being.  The majority of my therapeutic yoga work is focussed on bringing harmony and balance to the mind and emotions. Much of the physical problems that are presented to me at my clinic are as a result of some form of mental/emotional issue – back pain, IBS, migraines, chronic pain, fatigue, etc. can all be the result of stress or anxiety.


The mind and body are inextricably linked. I have witnessed time and time again the benefits of yoga, meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques in overcoming deeply held emotional problems like low self esteem and confidence, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self harm as well as poor concentration and anger issues.


Drop us a line at or give us a call on 07760 665488, if you are interested in yoga walking.